Our story

Harby Pedals, was founded October, 2020, by Joe Harby, with the goal of recreating rare and vintage guitar pedals in a modern, more affordable format. We design, solder, assemble, and package all of our pedals in the state of Idaho, USA.

Our first pedal Harby Centauri (a reincarnation of the incredible Klon Centaur) was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic and released May 16th, 2022. Our second pedal, Harby BMF (a modernized Sovtek Big Muff) was relased the very next day, May 17th, 2022. The BMF pedal is styled with Ukrainian colors a decorated with the Ukrainian Coat of Arms. $60 from the sale of every BMF pedal is donated to volunteer medics in Ukraine, allowing them to purchase supplies.

We’re currently working on our 3rd pedal, a digital delay pedal built on the PT2399 CMOS integrated circuit chip by Princeton Technology Corp.

Check back for a more detailed story in the coming months.

Harby BMF pedal assembly Idaho USA